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Mou jibun ni wa yume no nai e shika kakenai to iu nara Nuritsubushite yo KYANBASU wo nando demo Shiroi hata wa akirameta toki ni dake kazasu no Ima no watashi wa anata no shiranai iro

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At first I thought the flow was bit too subtle, but then I saw the chorus 0:54.. it’s so smooth & precise.. Works perfectly with the melody/lyrics. Fucking cool dance :D 

Honestly, I know KiKwang is supposed to be the dancer, but Yoseob stands out in this (& generally in my opinion). He is easily TVXQ Junsu 2.0.

Ohh maaaaan, I see these guys rivalling Big Bang.. ;-P There I said it!

Dude is insane. Wish he was my friend haha


I’ve loved & I’ve lost
— & never is so soon.
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I wrote a Cracked article.


You can read it here.

I didn’t, but my friend did.

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amazing AWESOME branding.
THIS is GOOD design, baby!

amazing AWESOME branding.

THIS is GOOD design, baby!